Pinterest Win

My dear friend came over to craft and chat about boys and politics. We made wreaths. After a week of carpentry, it was nice to have something more…instant gratification.

A while back she sent me this video, suggesting we get together and make them. Initially, I groaned. I like craft day and I like my friend. But before Christmas I spent almost $100 and bloodied my fingers making wreaths to sell and didn’t sell one. Not one! I gave one of them away. That’s it. I’m stuck with a dozen really – cute Christmas wreaths that I can’t use and can’t  sell.

So I vowed to never make a wreath again. But I caved because crafts and conversation were too tempting, and here it was almost valentine’s day and she even offered to drive an hour to get here.

We decided not to make hearts because we were using what we had, or could find at the dollar store, and we didnt trust the wire there to keep its shape. I never would’ve thought to use a Christmas wreath for not – Christmas, but it turned out so pretty and I actually like mine better than the original. It’s hard to tell in 2D but some of those flowers stick out on branches. Anyway, there it is. Wreaths.

Happy Monday y’all.


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