I fail at food

When I find a good idea, I have to share.

Disclaimer 1. I attempt to bullet journal. Other people’s bullet journals are neat and pretty and have hand lettering and doodles and stickers. Mine is a brain dump. I’ve tried to conform but then my inner perfectionist takes over and I don’t actually get anything done. And then what’s the point of using a planner at all? It works for me, so I’m ok with my mess.

Disclaimer 2. I am worthless in the kitchen. I mean, I can cook and I can make mouth-watering goodness – when I’m in the mood and I don’t have a toddler hanging on my leg, but the rest of it – the planning, the shopping, the prep, the cleaning up afterward, the not burning things because my attention span is four seconds…those things, I can’t do.

So I’m scrolling along facebook, probably forgetting to make food, and this comes across my feed. Remember when social media was social and not just memes and links. Ah. I miss Myspace. Anyway. Big light bulb for me. I went down to the dollar store and loaded up on post-its and a bunch of other things I don’t need. Should I do, “Unboxing crap I bought” posts? Those seem pretty popular.

And in four minutes I came up with this many recipes. Then I got all distracted and did the same with my camping supply list because vaca this year is the good ol’ wilderness. My kids are so excited! I feel like I’m in over my head. And lo and behold, it works for camping lists too!

I was all excited and then Mr. Negativity walks in (aka: Sweetie), “Where are the actual recipes?” Doh. So I guess I’m back to square zero.

What I think I’m going to do is channel my super-organized mom and, um, use a recipe box. .. and keep my post-its, which are otherwise fabulous, for things like camping lists. Anyone got any ideas for me?


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