What’s up with all the grey?

So I play this game called Design Home (you can read more about it here). As a bored housewife who likes this kind of stuff, it would seem like the ideal game. Buy fake furniture. Put it in fake rooms. And it was a nice way to relax before bed – until I got my first 5-star rating. Now it’s a competition. Ok. I’m not an outwardly competitive person – but I am a very competitive person.

So I started applying a strategy. Nobody likes the rainbow, chevron rug. Every room I use it in gets low stars and every room I see it in has low stars. No more of my favorite rug. Nobody likes the lime green chairs. Check. So I was getting mid-level fours, which is great, but I was getting pretty upset about it. First world problems, I know. I looked at the “top designers” to see how they were getting so many five-star ratings. Everything is grey, or at the very least, monochrome…monochrome dusty blue (aka, bluish-grey). And my 5-star room? Everything is, you guessed it, grey.

In October an almost-local (meaning an hour drive for me) shopping center holds a huge event called, “Witches Night Out.” The shopping center is built in a historic pioneer village and is home to uppity boutiques and hipster shops. It’s a really fun place to wander around. I went last October for girl’s night. As we wandered in and out of the various shops, I noticed something about all the furniture stores – everything is cool grey. What happened to crimson credenzas and mustard couches? What happened to the rooster easy chair I fell in love with? How boring that everything is grey!

I can’t say I’m surprised. When we were prepping to sell the house a few years ago (which never happened in case you were wondering), I painted every wall taupe, knowing grey would be the new beige. I miss the buttery yellow that made me buy the house in the first place. It’s like living in a nunnery. Give me color already!


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