20 Random Questions

These random questions brought to you by herinterest.com

  1. Where would your dream holiday be? In a remote cabin by a lake with no internet.
  2. What sound do you love? Laughter.
  3. If you were a dinosaur, what dinosaur would you be? A t-rex because I have ridiculously short arms.
  4. If you could be a fictional character, who would you choose? Dr. Watson
  5. If you were a superhero or super villain, what powers would you have? I would have super speed because there’s never enough time in the day.
  6. If you could breed two totally different animals together, what new animal would you create? A horse and a rhino because unicorns!
  7. What other languages can you speak? I don’t speak other languages. I was a nerd and took latin in high school which greatly improved my spelling and vocabulary in English and definitely my science grade, but it’s not exactly a language you speak. When it wasn’t offered anymore, I took Spanish, but it wasn’t “speaking” Spanish, it was conjugating verbs for hours and hours Spanish. As a child, we studied Turkish and Hebrew, and I used to sign, but I’ve forgotten all of them.
  8. Do you love or hate roller coasters? LOVE THEM.
  9. Whats the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? So, once, when I was six or so, I had this habit of picking things up off the floor and putting them in my mouth like an overgrown toddler. My favorite candy in the whole world were these tiny chocolate balls that were kind of like M & M’s.  So I was at church, in the gym, and they ran a daycare there during the week so there was always junk on the floor. On this day, there was a small, round, brown ball that looked just like these chocolate balls. I picked it up and popped it in my mouth and it was a crayon, not a chocolate. At least, I hope it was a crayon.
  10. Do you collect anything? I collect salt and pepper shakers.
  11.  What would be in your dream sandwich? Avocado and mustard.
  12. If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet? There’s this country song by Shania Twain called “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” And while I think it’s more along the lines of Betty Everett’s “It’s in His Kiss”, the title describes how I react to celebrity of all sorts. So the short answer is, no one. What I would prefer to meeting people is to be a time-traveling historian. How amazing would it be to have witnessed some of the greatest events in history and to be able to write them down without bias to share with the world?
  13. What was your favorite cartoon growing up? Animaniacs.
  14. What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever been for Halloween? My mom made some pretty stellar costumes. Among the best were a mermaid with each scale sewn on individually, a butterfly with full-size wings and compound eyes, and I think the most spectacular one was Glenda from Wizard of Oz.
  15. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? I hate obligatory giving and the holidays that require them as both the giftee and the giver. It’s inauthentic. My favorite gifts are random and meaningful. There’s my pleather frog which makes me smile every time I see her or the little heart pictures that say, “I love you Mommy” that my eight-year-old hides all over the house, or when I was expecting my first child and Sweetie gave me a pair of tiny booties for her, or when that same child wrote me a letter thanking me for being her mom 14 years later. There are too many to list.
  16. What ice-cream flavors do you love/hate? I’m lactose intolerant. But if I want to be miserable the next day, I like all ice cream except chocolate. Sherbert is my favorite (and yes, there’s dairy in it) followed by strawberry ripple.
  17. Are you a dog person or a cat person? Dog. This is supposed to be a question that gives profound insight into my psyche, right? No. It’s simpler than that. It all boils down to poop. I hate dealing with the cat box. I hate smelling the cat box. I hate when they’re too lazy or spiteful to use the cat box. I hate the litter box. Yeah, you have to clean up dog poop too, but it isn’t in the house…unless you have a puppy or geriatric or sick dog.
  18. What’s your fondest childhood memory? I actually had a great childhood. Making sand art with my baby brother the first time I was old enough to babysit is up high on the list as were our family’s Independence Day extravaganzas.
  19. Would you rather be poor and happy, or rich and miserable? Well duh. Poor and happy. Does anyone prefer the latter? I preferred being poor when I was because I found it opened doors to creativity and kept my mind sharp. That’s not to say that rich people aren’t creative or intelligent, but being a housewife is pretty mind-numbing most of the time.
  20. What would be your ideal first date? Oh gosh. It’s been almost 19 years since my last first date and it’s not something I think about. I prefer dates to be adventurous and a little bit juvenile where you can also hear each other talk.

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