Konmari – Cleaning Supplies

Invigorated by last week’s successful clean out (and having already gone through my clothes, books, papers, office supplies, pet supplies, and the kitchen) I decided to dive feet-first into the cleaning supplies. For the “komono” I’m going through the things that are driving me most insane. The above picture is the before, or during I guess. Before the closet was overflowing. And here’s the after:


See Timmy and his toy hammer? Yay for helpers!

In the interest of honesty, I didn’t get rid of very many actual cleaners, just consolidated identical bottles and threw out the empties. I figure, waste-not, want-not. As I use them, I’ll replace them with fewer, and different (less chemically laden) ones. Then I got rid of the toilet plungers that don’t work and the scrub brushes and rags that have lived passed their prime and we downsized on the duplicates.

So, top shelf: Extra. Sweetums buys bleach and other bleach products in bulk as well as shop-strength hand cleaner and bug spray apparently. That’s all on the top along with my more “natural” cleaners.

Mid-shelf: Each common room gets a basket tailored to the supplies needed to keep them clean and happy. That’s what the baskets are for.

Bottom shelf: TP and lightbulbs.

The boy and I put in some heavy-duty nails for the brooms, mop, and duster. We have multiple brooms because my kids think it’s ok to skip out on their chores if someone else is using the broom. Now I’ve just gotta put the door back on.

It feels so good to declutter. Is anyone else still doing konmari?



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