Konmari – Bathroom Supplies

You would think that with four daughters, two of them in their teens, we would be overflowing with makeup and “product.” We’re not. I fail at being a girl and as a result, my daughters don’t really care either. So Konmari’ing our bathroom supplies consisted of me throwing away empties and hotel soap and putting stragglers in the right drawers. Not really wow-worthy.

What I did find out:

  • I may never have to buy toothpaste again.
  • With soon-to-be two kids in braces, we are completely out of the little “trees” that go between the brackets. Oops. Everyone probably needs a new toothbrush too.
  • Every one of the cute little hair bows I made to match the girl’s uniforms? Broken.
  • We have no brushes. We’re down to 2 from 12 a year ago. Just. How?
  • I still have baby lotion from the hospital and I’m not getting rid of it because it is the most heavenly smell.

So far, this was the absolute easiest category I’ve done. It wasn’t emotional. I didn’t find out anything about myself other than that we don’t use much lotion for being desert-dwellers and I should probably fact-check when someone says, “Mom, we’re 0ut of toothpaste!”


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