The Perfect Mom

I’m subscribed to Kristina Kuzmic  on YouTube. She makes me laugh. But, this video just rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t know if it’s the PMS or the cold that won’t go away, or the fact that I happen to be super crafty or that my teenagers actually do love me or that my former experience in photography makes it darn near impossible for me to take a picture without clearing the background “noise” first…but I don’t see these things as me pretending to be perfect.

Quite the contrary. I am not perfect. Most days, you can’t walk through my house or see the bottom of my sink. I haven’t changed my pants in two days, and I only did so then because they were starting to walk around on their own. I’m the first to admit it. Yeah, my house is a disaster, not because I’m a perfect mom and we’re making memories, but because I’m lazy and overwhelmed. But what I see more is a competition between women as to whose life is worse.

“My husband let the kids eat ice cream for breakfast.”

“Oh yeah, well my child made her teacher retire.”

“Oh yeah, well half of my family is in jail.”

Where does this even come from?

Shouldn’t we be building each other up? Shouldn’t our kids know that even though they shoved a bead in their ear that had to be surgically removed, we’re still proud of them? I mean, put the skeletons back in the closet already!

Look, I get that social media perfectionism is a thing. But it goes both ways. My life isn’t better or worse than yours. It’s just different. And that’s OK. So instead of comparing ourselves to the other people in our lives, maybe we can be happy and confident in our own skin instead. And this is coming from a highly competitive person.


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