Blogging with Toddlers.

We’re in the “I try.” Or “Me do it.” Phase of toddlerhood. He’s in the age between being baby and preschool where they talk in mostly-complete sentences and realize that they are their own person. So I was trying to get some writing in while he was occupied with “Honey bread” which is toast with honey and scrambled eggs. But he noticed the computer. I don’t know if it’s because he’s the littlest or if it’s because technology is everywhere, but he is obsessed with computers and phones.

Right after this, he tried to steal my phone which used to have some toddler games, but I’m tired of sharing my phone and needing a new one every year due to kid-damage. So it’s all business (and Pinterest) now.

Anyway, he wants to say to you all,

dyhkj………..5896ry42 dkoe do


klw oofe s muinbvc v                     nmhjyjkloiutfmnkjiuredsxcvb bhgy./;kjh           mo


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