The Purple Wreath

My mother-in-law liked my pink wreath so much she requested one in purple.


  • One evergreen wreath (or a wreath form and garland)
  • 3 or more (depending on size) large, silk flowers. I’m using two bunches of purple dutch iris from the 99c flower rack at Wal-Mart.
  • 1-2 bunches of silk flowers on long stems such as cherry blossom or apple blossom, plus extra, loose flowers. My mother in law wanted purple and the long ones don’t come in purple, so I took the flowers off a cherry blossom one and swapped them for purple hydrangea flowers; conversely, use a contrasting color. In this case, Forsythia or pussy willow branches would’ve been pretty.
  • Floral wire and wire cutters. (You can just hot glue it)
  • Hot glue gun and glue

So here, step by step, is her wreath.

  1. Start with an evergreen wreath. It’s not evergreen-season, so I used some old garland and wired it to a wire wreath form.
  2. Take your larger flowers and arrange them on the wreath until you like it.
  3. Wire them on the back side (Sorry, the pictures got flopped here.).
  4. Arrange your long flowers on either side of the large flowers. Remember that things look better in three’s and five’s. I’ve got three on one side and two on the other to make five. Wire these to the back too.
  5. Rip off individual flowers from their stems and hot glue around the wreath somewhat sporadically.
  6. Hang.

Happy Wednesday!


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