Doorknobs and Spray Paint

I’m doing a home improvement project and one of the small, seemingly unimportant details that I’m working on are the doorknobs.

As you can see I’m using Rustolium automobile primer and forged, hammered metalic paint in burnished amber. You don’t have to use a primer. I used it on the door hinges without primer and it turned out fine (and they still work) but I was concerned that with a high-use item – like doorknobs – that it might peel off over time. In the end, I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

The Pros

  • For new doorknobs it would’ve been $10 plus per doorknob. In my house, that equates to $110 not including the exterior knobs (which are already an antique brass color). One can of paint (which I don’t know how many door knobs it will cover, but I’ve done three and hinges) is $8.
  • Speed. Normally spray painting takes forever. This doesn’t. The directions say to spray it on in one, thick coat. That’s what creates the “hammered” look. Dry time isn’t bad either. It took an hour to be dry to the touch. I let them sit overnight to finish up and you’d never know it was paint at this point.

The Cons

  • It’s paint. It’s not going to last forever
  • If you don’t read the directions the first time, you might do a light coat for each layer, wasting paint.
  • If you do it outside and you drop it – in the spring with the cottonwood tufts flying – you’re going to get little fuzz stuck in the paint and have to start over.
  • For things like doorknobs, it’s messy. Wear gloves or have your hand semi-permentantly metalic.

So, basically, the only real con if you’re not blond and in a hurry is that it’s not going to last  forever. But what does anyway?



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