Monster Trucks 

Weekends are hard for me, Sundays especially, for a few reasons that I won’t go into today. Sweetie tries to make them better in the ways he knows how, which usually involves an outing.  It’s not normally what I need, but it’s I appreciate that he tries to make me happy. A couple of weeks ago, he turned to me, “There’s a monster truck” 

“Yes.” I responded before he could finish. He bought the tickets on the spot. 

I’d never been to one before. Have you? We kept it a secret from the kids until we walked in the nearby rodeo grounds and Beth figured it out.  We got there an hour before the show and already the line swirled through the lobby like a giant snail shell.

The roar of engines immediately perked Timmy’s interest. He is obsessed with monster trucks right now and not only did he get to see them, he got to touch one too! They had a meet and greet for people who purchases their tickets online where you could meet the drivers, get autographs, and take your picture with the trucks. 

The stands filled with people and with them came thr noise of chatter, almost as loud as the trucks. We watched with excitement as each one took turns roaring through the mud. Rae and Kate caught a bumper sticker during the break. A tiny sedan caught fire after taking a jump. There is something magical in brute entertainment. 

We trickled out before the end, wanting to get the kids into bed and to miss the parking lot nightmare that was to come.

It was a fun end to a really, really hard week. 


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