No posting

I knew that if I didn’t write every day – make myself write every day – that my little space on the Internet would fall by the wayside. And here, it has. 

I have so much to say, yet nothing at all. Painting my room has consumed my life along with a minor break down over meal planning and aging in ways I’m not ready for.

It should be better this week.

Monster Trucks 

Weekends are hard for me, Sundays especially, for a few reasons that I won’t go into today. Sweetie tries to make them better in the ways he knows how, which usually involves an outing.  It’s not normally what I need, but it’s I appreciate that he tries to make me happy. A couple of weeks ago, he turned to me, “There’s a monster truck” 

“Yes.” I responded before he could finish. He bought the tickets on the spot. 

I’d never been to one before. Have you? We kept it a secret from the kids until we walked in the nearby rodeo grounds and Beth figured it out.  We got there an hour before the show and already the line swirled through the lobby like a giant snail shell.

The roar of engines immediately perked Timmy’s interest. He is obsessed with monster trucks right now and not only did he get to see them, he got to touch one too! They had a meet and greet for people who purchases their tickets online where you could meet the drivers, get autographs, and take your picture with the trucks. 

The stands filled with people and with them came thr noise of chatter, almost as loud as the trucks. We watched with excitement as each one took turns roaring through the mud. Rae and Kate caught a bumper sticker during the break. A tiny sedan caught fire after taking a jump. There is something magical in brute entertainment. 

We trickled out before the end, wanting to get the kids into bed and to miss the parking lot nightmare that was to come.

It was a fun end to a really, really hard week. 

Rainbows and Shamrocks

This is me at almost-midnight making shamrock pins for my daughter’s class party. Why? because I volunteered to send in a wearable for St. Patty’s and when I went to the store three weeks ago, the only thing left were sunglasses and beer necklaces.

I figured, I’m crafty. Only I have no time for this stuff. So I spent three hours, the night before, making tiny ribbon pins. Good times. The video is bad. I was a wee bit tired. I got the instructions here. They’re pretty cute though. Not bad for a last minute thing. Happy St. Patrick’s day.

One door down

My easy-peasy-hubby’s-gone project that should’ve taken two days is barely 1/8th done after four days. I’ve gotten one door our of three painted and reinstalled and I’ve primed and edged one wall. One. I love the blue and the doorknobs and some day it will look really nice, but today, I’m just really, really disappointed with my progress, or lack thereof. 

Doorknobs and Spray Paint

I’m doing a home improvement project and one of the small, seemingly unimportant details that I’m working on are the doorknobs.

As you can see I’m using Rustolium automobile primer and forged, hammered metalic paint in burnished amber. You don’t have to use a primer. I used it on the door hinges without primer and it turned out fine (and they still work) but I was concerned that with a high-use item – like doorknobs – that it might peel off over time. In the end, I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

The Pros

  • For new doorknobs it would’ve been $10 plus per doorknob. In my house, that equates to $110 not including the exterior knobs (which are already an antique brass color). One can of paint (which I don’t know how many door knobs it will cover, but I’ve done three and hinges) is $8.
  • Speed. Normally spray painting takes forever. This doesn’t. The directions say to spray it on in one, thick coat. That’s what creates the “hammered” look. Dry time isn’t bad either. It took an hour to be dry to the touch. I let them sit overnight to finish up and you’d never know it was paint at this point.

The Cons

  • It’s paint. It’s not going to last forever
  • If you don’t read the directions the first time, you might do a light coat for each layer, wasting paint.
  • If you do it outside and you drop it – in the spring with the cottonwood tufts flying – you’re going to get little fuzz stuck in the paint and have to start over.
  • For things like doorknobs, it’s messy. Wear gloves or have your hand semi-permentantly metalic.

So, basically, the only real con if you’re not blond and in a hurry is that it’s not going to last  forever. But what does anyway?



After a weekend of cleaning out all the chocolate in the house – and by cleaning out, I mean eating – I am finally back on track eating whole, nutrient dense foods. 

That smoothie is a nutritional powerhouse. It has half a bunch of kale, a sheet of sea weed (nori), 2 banananas, and 2 cups of blueberries and water to make 48 oz. Good thing too, because this week, I am attacking the master bedroom and I’m going to need all the energy I can get.

Paint it Blue

We’re leaving in a few minutes to pick out paint for the bedroom. Isn’t that a lovely, boring, married thing to do? I’m so excited!

Our bedroom is always the last to get attention. That said, it’s been painted four times because everything looks better inside a can; and right now, it’s covered in polka dots of me trying samples to see which color I like. It’s been that way for a year.

I’m not picking any of them. Instead, I’m going to paint it blue like our bathroom – a soft winter blue that I fell in love with on our last trip to Florida. I cut a chunk out of the wall so they can match the color. Shh.